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Enterprise Search Implementation Overview

Every business has its unique user requirements, business targets and challenges. But, most of these businesses fail to generate the desired outcome. We make sure that these challenges are anticipated and dealt with. As a result, you get lower project risk, full security, flexibility, and a search solution that supports your business goals.


We not only focus on simple search, but also combines information analysis and document management with artificial intelligence and semantic search.

Challenges to Enterprise Search Implementation


Search Quality

It is the most important thing that needs the attention. These days users complain about poor results and difficulties finding the information they need. Search Engines sometimes compromise the quality of the search. We help you improve search for documents in foreign languages using high-level multilingual text analytics.


Connector Maintenance

Real-world issues challenges to the maintenance and implementation of the connectors. The problems in connector performance can be caused by the dependencies on the target repository. We can implement your connector implementation, monitoring, and maintenance with the right and simplified approach.


Complexity Management

Complexity is a significant threat to large enterprises. Inter-dependencies cause complexity, and shortcuts save the time making the project close options and limit flexibility. Complexity is the preeminent cause of large project failure. We can manage the complexity through fast planning and the application of best practices for design and implementation.

Enterprise Search Implementation

For precise search implementation we need to go through below steps

Database Investigation

Firstly, our search expert will conduct an independent, audit of the data structure and configuration including take a review of end-user requirements.

Architectural review

The information gathered in first step will be reviewed and sampled by senior search architect. Along with this direct client inputs will be taken to define the current requirements and constraints.

Action plan

After the internal assessment and client briefing the team will compile a detailed Assessment Report with issue analysis, recommendations and a suggested action plan.

Search engine benchmarking

Our continuous enriching and testing will give you the solutions that you have been looking for. For long term sustainability and stability we will do benchmarking of the system with Internal as well as external sources.

Advantages of Enterprise Search Implementation

Faster Search
Our search tools provide you with faster and more reliable search methods that save your time and resources. The overall system efficiency reduces the turnaround time of queries and thus helps by providing better customer service.
Full flexibility
We provide you with an enterprise search software that you can install in your company on your own servers and under your own direction, ensuring the full security and full GRC compliance.
Guaranteed Data Security
Security plays a very important role in business dynamics. Therefore, we take the safest precaution in the channelising the data queries that ensures 100% data security from internal and external access.

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