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We build intelligent chatbots using Natural Language Processing (NLP) & artificial Intelligence (AI).

EPByte Chatbot Development Tools

The following technical platforms or tools we use for developing a bot:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Natural Language Processing & Bots

The human mind is unique in that it directs how we process information and ask questions. As impressive as this fact is, it presents a challenge for Artificial Intelligence to provide a personalized experience to the customer. Because there are dozens of ways to ask the same question. In fact, there are infinite ways for a user to create a statement to express an emotion. Even if we limit our work to business queries, there are hundreds of different ways to generate a query.

This is where machine learning for Natural Language processing(NLP) can help. NLP aids in the connection of incoming human queries and the generation of a system-generated response. The response can range from a simple yes or no to an action-based execution or a list of possible actions.

AI Chatbot EPByte Technologies

The function of an NLP tool can be defined in three simple steps:

  • It translates the human query into the system's preferred input language.
  • It represents the major highlighters or context of the query that matches the database's answering parameters.
  • Finally, it compares the query highlighters to the database and calls the APIs for suggestive action.
AI Chatbot EPByte Technologies
The list of NLP engines/tools that we can integrate for Chatbot development is provided below
Microsoft LUISE Microsoft LUISE
Tensorflow Tensorflow

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